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My focus is on art and custom design pieces that fulfill the clients creativity and expression in their own unique way. I want Skulls N Bones Studio to be more than a local tattoo shop, but to provide an outlet for people to be creative, artists to grow and be a part of our local community in a positive way. As Owner of Skulls N Bones Tattoo & Art Studio I am honored to welcome featured guests artists from all over the world, sharing each others Art and maintaining a high standard of excellence on every level of creativity.


I would first like to start by thanking everyone who makes this happen. Special thank you to my mom for believing in me and the family that stuck with it. I'm not arriving only beginning and we have much to do. Please do not feel hesitant to contact me and get those creative juices flowing. I have been tattooing for 3 years professionally, however began interest in my mid 20's. To spite a late start I have excelled in many art forms including jewelry, sculpture, and varied styles of illustration. My focus is now more than ever on approaching new levels of tattooing and design. Your aesthetic happiness is my goal. See you on the streets! THANK YOU!!